About the Author

"The Delicate Flower is raw, naked emotion packed into the pages of a book.  Shakeia Cowan utterly exposes her soul.  Anyone on a journey to find themselves or going through a transition in life, should use The Delicate Flower as a guide."

Kym France Wilson

Emmy-award winning producer

About the Book

About the Play

Shakeia Cowan, MSW, LGSW, is the author of The Delicate Flower. She received her Bachelor of Social Work from Morgan State University, her Master of Social Work from Barry University and is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Ms. Cowan is highly trained in assisting others in their healing process with her extensive traditional and non-traditional education and alternative healing modalities.  She lives her life with the desire of healing herself and others by balancing the mind, body, and spirit through her love of social work, massage therapy, and journaling. She also serves as Priestess of ATR.

Let the healing begin as Six Beautiful Delicate Flowers representing various shades of the color purple-Amethyst, Violet, Plum, Orchid, Lavender and Magenta, take you on a limitless journey of self discovery. These women will Move you, Inspire you, Empower you and Encourage you to Release and Awaken to YOUR healing. Smell the Aroma, inhale Deeply and GROW. Written by, Shakeia Cowan, Play Adaptation by the Great Dr. Shirlene Holmes. Coming Soon to A Theater Near You!!

The Delicate Flower has been structured as a choreopoem. There are twenty-seven petals (scenes) that comprise of monologues to take the audience through a powerful self-awareness journey using short stories, affirmations, and poetry. This dramatic production addresses issues of life that people are “afraid” to bring to the light. The Delicate Flower is a dramatic full length play with stirring musical numbers and compelling plot twists.

Book Excerpt

The Delicate Flower
At the time of conception it had a purpose
At the eye, there’s a beautiful delicate flower.
Seeing the final product
It grows when being polluted, stepped on, and even when it’s being ignored.
In all of its delicacies, it withstands the tests of time and the world
In all its beauty and delicacies it must never forget its purpose

You are a beautiful delicate flower

Ms. Cowan has gone through many trials in her life, many to which she is able to relate to her clients.  She has learned to cope, to overcome and to heal from the pain through the art of writing. As a result of her own healing process, The Delicate Flower was birthed.
​Ms. Cowan desires The Delicate Flower to be a vehicle for other women to become vulnerable and truthful to themselves, go into their closets, go on their own journey, and heal themselves from the inside out.

The Delicate Flower is a journey through short stories, affirmations, and poetry that gives you the ability to reach into your closet and confront what’s in it. After discovering the inner strength to confront your closet, you will soon be ready to deal and to heal from life’s challenges. The Delicate Flower offers encouragement to the reader while you go through the journey, confirming that you too, will overcome.

Shakeia Cowan